Szeret, nem  szeret

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Love Bugs/Un Gars, Une Fille is an international scripted television sitcom format that originates from Canada’s Disttraction Formats. The sitcom is on air in more than 30 countries: the French Guy et Sylvie is Kasia and Tomek in Polish and Brigi és Bruno in Hungarian…
From the original 7 minute episodes a whole half hour prime time episode can easily be put together. Love Bugs shows the everyday life of a young couple, and since the problems of a man and a woman is so universal, the series works in any language. Love Bugs was broadcasted on TV2 in Hungary between 2002-2005.

Number of Episodes: 179

Directors: Gábor Herendi, Andrea Orbán, Gergely Fonyó

Brúnó: Győző Szabó
Brigi: Szonja Oroszlán